Protest against the sponsorship of the "Bundespresseball" by "Uber"

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Call to action

Berlin taxi drivers are protesting against the sponsorship of the "Bundespresseball" by "Uber". We see this as a dangerous influence on official "public opinion" by a company that constantly enables and conceals violations of the law by its business partners. "Uber" stands for a system that is enforced with a lot of money. It is based on illegal labour, dumping wages, tax evasion and the reduction of social security contributions.
Uber partner companies violate minimum wage and working time laws across the board.
By underreporting wages paid, companies and their employees obtain wage subsidies in the form of social benefits in the interests of the Uber group. This is how they finance dumping prices and the destruction of the taxi industry.
We will make our protest loud and colourful to make it heard by the politicians and media people.


12 april 2024, from 17:00 set-up, 19:00 - 20:00 main event, 20:00 - 21:30 discussions, 22:00 end of the rally


Taxi is culture, something that is alien to the soulless Uber system controlled by greed and algorithms. We are Berlin, we are Berlin culture.

We have been part of Berlin for over 100 years

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Defending Berlin’s taxi culture means defending Berliners

Uberisation is a process that displaces people from permanent employment in many sectors. Craftspersons and carers are affected by the price war on recruitment platforms. Short-term rental platforms are driving up rents. Letting portals have hundreds of people queuing for one of the few reasonably priced flats.
We are protesting on behalf of all those who want to shape their city of Berlin themselves, on a large and small scale, and do not want to leave it to the platform companies.